Thor and Speilberg Meet! Hemsworth to Star in Robopocalypse

Remember that time when you had no clue who Chris Hemsworth was? Back before he was in Thor, Avengers and Snow White and the Huntsman? Well those days of obscurity are long gone, reinforced by the face Hemsworth is rumored to star in the new Speilberg film, Robopocalypse.

For those of you who haven’t heard of this robo thriller , the IMDB synopsis goes something like this:

In a futuristic world where computer minds and robots are in everyday life, Man Kind finally creates the first mass intelligence computer brain; Archos escapes from captivity with the intent of preserving “life” and the world, even if this means wiping out the human race in order to do so. The story follows the events of several characters as they form the human resistance and fight back against “Big Rob” and the machines.

Deadline claim “amid much secrecy (including assumed names), Spielberg met and now wants Hemsworth in his next helping effort.” Nothing has been confirmed as no official offer has been made to Hemsworth yet but it’s definitely a possibility. I’m a fan of this guy so I hope this news pans out! What d’you reckon, happy to see more of this big ol’ lug?

Source: IGN