Lady Sif Confirms THOR 3


Jaimie Alexander is on a roll today. First, she revealed her not so secret desire to play Wonder Woman on the silver screen (shocker!). Now, she’s confirmed Thor 3 is a go. Although, we already knew that bit, since Chris Hemsworth is signed on for 3 more starring roles as Thor Odinson, but it’s nice to have a bit of confirmation on the subject, isn’t it? Apparently Alexander’s placed a caveat on her statement, as the new Asgardian epic must be successful at the box office in order for Marvel to produce a third, which shouldn’t be a problem.

With Thor: The Dark World releasing next week in the United States, the flick’s almost certain to break Marvel Studios’s own in-house record as the top grossing weekend for a non-Iron Man movie. And yeah… The Avengers was essentially Iron Man 2.5: Tony Stark’s New York Fiesta, so it doesn’t count.

Thor’s always been my favorite Avenger, at least when he isn’t off-world fighting alien species that are preposterously powerful, strong enough to trade blows with ol Goldilocks. (Rant Warning) Seriously, if the entire Marvel Universe is populated with Thor – level super beings, then why would we ever need The Avengers?  And what’s up with the random super powered pantheons?  Why does every mythological family from human history ACTUALLY exist in the Marvel Universe?  Not only that, but why are they always analogous (in power and dynamics) to Thor and the Asgardians?  I swear… once Hercules and the Olympians appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, they’ll  officially have hit the bottom of the barrel. (Rant Over).

Whoo… sorry about that.  Sometimes my fanboy craziness takes over, and I dive into a nonsensical diatribe or two.  In any case… “Thor 3!!!  Yeah!”

thor the dark world posterSOURCE: FORBES