These New STAR WARS Steelbooks Rock

It’s felt like constant Star Wars mania for the past few years, what with news and rumours and spoilers always coming out about the movies, TV shows, video games, books, comic books, theme parks, merchandise – lots, basically. The hype train doesn’t look to be slowing down for the forseeable three years as it’s now brought news of some awesome Blu-Ray steelbook editions of the whole Saga hitting stores a little bit before the release of The Force Awakens.

The six re-released movies will be out on November 9th, and as you can see each box has a different character plastered all over it. Attack of the Clones got Yoda, Return of the Jedi gets Emperor Palpy etc – they look pretty damn neat and I may just have to consider buying them. If you’re not interested in forking out that much cash for some cover art then fear not – the complete box set will also be getting a re-release! And that also has cool cover art. Check ’em:





StarWars-Ep5_Steelbook_3D_Skew.jpgStarWars-Ep6_Steelbook_3D_Skew.jpgAnd then finally, that Complete Saga one, out 12th October.


Pretty, huh?

I’m not a massive home video nut; I have a Blu-Ray player and those are pretty much all I buy nowadays but for one reason or another I’ve never been that in to the special features and steelbook aspects. However, I don’t actually own the Star Wars movies, so maybe it’s worth looking into this…

Bear in mind that these are UK release dates, although I’d be pretty shocked if they weren’t available across the pond. But for now… ha! Screw you, America!

yoda british flag