“The Wolverine” Post-Credits Scene

Although The Wolverine director James Mangold has said his film about the Ol’ Canucklehead would stand apart from the greater X-Men flicks (and thankfully X-Men Origins: Wolverine), here we have the post-credits scene for the movie which opens tomorrow. Take a look, but beware mild spoilers for X-Men: Days of Future Past:

There you have it, folks. Fox is taking cues from Marvel’s cinematic segues, and I don’t mind one bit. This is a great way to get early buzz on X-Men:DOFP, and reconnect the series after Logan’s Japanese solo romp. Not to mention, the clip demonstrates that next summer’s time-travelling X-flick will indeed confront some burning questions left from previous films. Like, why the f**k is Xavier alive and kicking(so to speak) after being disintegrated in X-Men 3?