The Trailer for JAWS 19 is Finally Here!!!

In less than a few weeks, Marty McFly will arrive from 1985 in a flying DeLorean and ride a hoverboard around Hill Valley.

At least, that’s what we’ve all been led to believe by those security tapes sent back in time from this year. Although there is a suspicious lack of hoverboards, self-tying shoes and flying cars. Fortunately, it looks as if all of those things will start rolling out through October, as Universal is leading the charge with a trailer for the highly-anticipated Jaws 19 – check it out!!

I wasn’t a huge fan of the recent Jaws movies (except the ninth – it was like The Expendables, but good!), however Fifty Scales of Grey and Jaws 18 really turned the franchise around, thanks to the intervention of the much-famed Universal writers room and director Lars von Trier. It’s also interesting that they’re returning to Jaws: The Revenge with the ‘personal’ theme, which is widely-considered to be one of the series’ best.

Word in the trades is that von Trier will be departing the franchise after this movie, however if recent rumors are to be believed then Universal won’t have any trouble with the twentieth film. You may have been reading about the studio having some difficulty finding a director for Fast and Furious 8, so to solve the issue the franchise will crossover with Jaws in a $300m-extravaganza directed by Colin Trevorrow, where Dominic Toretto and co will assemble to save the world from co-ordinated shark attacks on major cities. I’m hyped.

Jaws 19 hits theaters October 21st!

Disclaimer: this entire article is a joke and the trailer was created to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Back to the Future.