The Fun Science of Insuring STAR WARS Vehicles

We like to run inforgraphics here on UTF (basically the only thing people send us) – especially ones which are Star Wars-related, because eveything gets better when it’s about Star Wars.

Adrian Flux, the UK-based vehicle insurance company, has developed an infograhic predicting how much it would cost the Rebellion and the Empire to insure some of their most prized ships. Take a look at some of ’em below!

luke skywalker landspeeder insurance

x-wing insurance

millennium falcon insurance

If you want to read the full infographic, then head on over to their website.

The information was compiled from a variety of sources; their insurance experts employed all the terms and all of the other nerdy facts and figures come from Wookipedia.

Sometimes stuff like this can suck the fun out of movies such as Star Wars, however this was quite informative. It’s similar to the official paper written recently on how much the Death Star would have bankrupted the Empire. My favourite part of this one was how the Millennium Falcon would never get insured because of acts of terrorism – those darn Rebels!