The Avengers Want To Appear In Each Other’s Movies

Speaking to MTV on the press junket for The Avengers, both the Chris’s of the movie revealed that they would be up for cameoing in each other’s movies. Although I’m sure Marvel will have something to say about that, and they indeed do as Fiege recently said that there are no plans for any cameos to happen (probably because each Avenger is signed up for six movies, 3 Avengers movie and 3 solo movies). Watch the video below:


And if you can’t watch the video because you’re not in the US, then read the exercepts below. Neither of the actors know what to expect from their sequels as they have not read a script yet, but they both say they would love to do some cameo’s. First up, Hemsworth says this about Thor 2

“Certainly the first one left with Thor needing to get back to earth and see Jane but there will be bigger problems as usual. But my big concern is how is Thor going to come to earth and not call upon the rest of his buddies now? That will be the trick to conveniently kind of skewer them off to different sides of the globe.”

“I’d love to, I think that would be a great thing,” Evans said.

“We should do that!” Hemsworth agreed.

“I want to,” Evans said definitively.

SOURCE: MTV Splashpage