The Avengers News Round-Up: A Headcount Clip, Featurette And New Images

This morning is pretty big for Avengers news. So, as it’s easier to just do a round-up article (and easier for you guys too) I decided to compile them all here. First up we have an AWESOME clip focusing on the ‘Headcount’ scene between Tony Stark and Loki. While it is undeniably awesome, am I the only one that’s not really feeling it? I don’t know. Check it out below anyway:

Next, I bring to you the first featurette for The Avengers with exclusive behind-the-scenes footage. Check it out below

And saving the best for last, fifteen new stills for the movie have been released featuring new looks at the Hulk, Hawkeye, our first glimpse of the World Security Council and more, check ’em out below:


SOURCE: Stitch Kingdom, Total Film and CBM