The Avengers Could Pass $500m Worldwide By Sunday

Well this isn’t a surprise. The Hollywood Reporter are saying that The Avengers is set to pass $500m globally by sunday, with the release of the movie in North America, China and Russia this weekend. The highly-successful superhero ensemble has already made $218m in it’s first six days of release, and it doesn’t take too much imagination to believe that this report is legit. Some fun little facts for you guys: Battleship was released April 11 and opened in 50 territories, and has since made $181m worldwide. The Avengers opened 6 days ago in 39 territories and has made $218m globally. Along with that, Transformers: Dark of the Moon opened in 58 territories and made $219m in 5 days, going on to pass the $1billion mark. The Avengers has opened in far less territories and has already made nearly the same amount as DOTM did at this point, so don’t be surprised if Avengers actually surpasses the Transformers flick’s worldwide gross.

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter