STAN LEE Says Spider-Man Can Beat Up Galactus


Stop pestering Stan Lee with all of your ‘Who Would Win in a Fight’ questions, because he’s had it up to here with it (and if you can’t see my hand gestures at home, I’m clearly holding my palm at an arbitrary height which signifies annoyance). The comic book legend has officially decreed that superheroes can defeat whoever they wish, or rather, whoever their particular scribe of the month wants them to defeat.

Here’s what Stan ‘The Man’ Lee had to say:

“So one Question I’m always asked. Who would win in a fight? Who would win in a fight if Galactus fought The Hulk, or if Thor fought Iron Man? And there’s one answer to all of that. It’s so simple, anyone should know this. The person who’d win in a fight is the person that the scriptwriter wants to win! If I’m writing a story, about The Thing, from the Fantastic Four, and he gets into a big fight with Spider-Man, and millions of people out there say Who Would Win? Well, it depends on who I want to win if I’m writing the script. If I want Spider-Man to win, he’ll win. If I want the Thing to win, he’ll win. These are fictitious characters, the writer can do whatever he wants with them! So stop asking those questions, ’cause I’ve had it with that.”

There’s the word, bird. Thing is most definitely capable of slaying Spider-Man. Thor the Thunderer is imbued with Galactus thwarting talents. Iron Man could, potentially, pulverize the Silver Surfer. Unlikely, in my humble fanboy opinion, but possible.