Some More The Amazing Spider-Man Details

HitFix were present at The Amazing Spider-Man panel WonderCon yesterday and have shared some interesting tidbits and details about the movie (via Comic Book Movie). If you were hoping that there was new footage shown and I was going to give you a description, you’re wrong. The footage shown was the exact same as what a couple of lucky fans had got to see in London and across America about a month ago. But there was still some interesting stuff there revealed by Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and Matt Tolmach.

Surprisingly and worrying at the same time, Tolmach said that the story in the reboot will steer away from the death of Uncle Ben being the reason for Peter’s decision to become Spider-Man.

It’s already obvious from what we’ve seen of the movie that Webb and co are taking a lot from Nolan’s acclaimed Batman movies, e.g the dark and gritty tone and now this. Some of the focus of the movie will be on Peter as an orphan (ala Bruce Wayne’s parents dying).

“It’s an area of his life that’s never gotten a lot of attention, but it’s such a primal experience.”

Sadly, I was really looking forward to this movie but am now having second thoughts. On the surface it looks like the changes from Raimi’s trilogy to the new reboot were, as I said, only visible on the surface but it seems that it goes much deeper than that. If Uncle Ben’s death is pushed to the back to make more room for story about Peter’s parents, then I will not be happy.


Additionally, Marc Webb has once again talked about the movie in an interview with Collider at WonderCon, speaking out on easter eggs – one which involves Donald Glover, who campaigned for the role for several months before Garfield was hired, the movie’s running time, deleted scenes, the use of 3D and much more in the video interview courtesy of Collider below.

Forget everything I just said. We now have the full WonderCon panel on video (courtesy of Comic Book Movie). Watch it below: