SHE THOR vs HULK ZOMBIE is the Best Thing Ever

Okay, maybe not the best thing ever. That would be reserved for watching X-Files reruns at 2AM with Dorito crumbs down my chest – living the high life!

Sometimes fans produce such shockingly-awful stuff that everybody else silently relishes the fact that they are not in control of their favourite geek properties, but occasionally we can actually churn out something which is pretty good. Like this.

she thor vs zombies marvel fan film

You’re probably aware that in the comics right now, Thor is a woman – Jane Foster to be precise – and to capitalise on that Miltonius Arts (via io9) have put together an awesome little fan film starring ‘She Thor,’ where she fights hordes of zombies led by Hulk. Check it out below!

I wish that Thor wasn’t dressed so scantily-clad; come on, people. I thought we were past that by now! It’s largely unnecessary and was pretty distrating from the fight scenes, which were indeed awesome. Then again, if I was Thor then I would totally want to look good whilst beating up bad guys.

Something which I think Marvel should consider in the future is diving back into their One-Shots, but producing little ‘what if?’ shorts like this to release on Netflix. It may be a bit confusing for general audiences due to the differences in canon but I’m sure Marvel could work around it. This way they can adapt comic storylines that otherwise probably wouldn’t see the light of day, like Marvel Zombies or Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe (although they couldn’t actually do this one – stupid movie rights). One of the biggest complaints about these movies is that nobody ever feels in danger, since we know they’re signed on for the next one. Because it would be a completely different universe to the MCU then all bets are off – they can kill off whoever they please.

Man, I hope Kevin Feige is reading this.

Head back over to their website to check out some more awesome content, including a look into how they make this stuff. Good job guys!