Russo Brothers Don’t Think You’re Ready For CIVIL WAR

Captain America Civil War

Those who saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier may have been a bit surprised to see SHIELD usurped by HYDRA, but the Russo brothers appear to think that Captain America: Civil War is going to surprise fans even more. In an interview with, Civil War directors Joe and Anthony Russo hinted at the possibility that the film will result in major changes for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

According to Joe Russo, this film will shake the MCU in a way that no previous Marvel film has.

“It’s going to be more evolved than it ever has been with in any of the films. Winter Soldier created a seismic shift in terms of the world of the Marvel Universe. This is going to create a seismic shift in the psychology of the character which is more profound. It’s a very profound shift.”

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Many fans have speculated that Civil War will result in the death of a major character such as Iron Man, although this fact is far from confirmed. Even if this is true, the MCU is very much a comic book universe, and major changes have a way of being reversed. Don’t forget that Iron Man abandoned his duties as a superhero in Iron Man 3, only to return in Avengers: Age of Ultron. He appeared to be back out of the game at the end of that film, but he’ll be returning once again in Civil War. Stark is clearly dedicated to his job, so even death may not be able to keep him down for the count. Especially if you believe the old adage that no one stays dead except for Uncle Ben.

But regardless of whether or not he is alluding to a major death, Joe Russo believes that this film will have major effects that will leave their mark on the MCU in the years leading up to Infinity War.

“For us, we really are firm believers in stakes. We like movies with high highs and low lows and we just feel like you get a more well-rounded experience in that type of film. Now that we’re engaged in serialized storytelling, it starts with Winter Soldier and ends with the Infinity War movies. We feel it’s very important that those four films, Civil War, and both Infinity War movies, have a very profound effect on the audience. I think a lot of shocking things are going to happen, which is really interesting because you haven’t had this kind of…maybe other than Harry Potter, I guess you can count the Bond series…but the kind of investment over a period of time with this many characters behaving in a universe. I think our job is to send you on a very profound experience between now and 2019 and it starts with Civil War. I don’t know if people will be prepared for what this movie is going to include.”

Do you think Russo is hinting at a major death? Or will the Sokovia Accords really have a strong enough impact on the MCU for their effect to be felt in future films? Feel free to share your theories in the comments below.

captain america civil war team

Captain America: Civil War will hit theaters on May 6, 2016.