RUMOR: Wayne Enterprises and Batman Referenced in MAN OF STEEL

It doesn’t take much to excite fanboys when it comes to the Justice League movie, so this teeny tiny bite of awesomeness that we’ve just discovered is sure to send you into an epileptic fit.

Alright, before we delve into this, make sure you prepare yourself. Place your seats in an upright position, stow away  that loose lotion in the masturbation station, and put that die-cast Narsil prop on the floor, because…

Batman’s kinda, sorta, in MAN OF STEEL! At least, that’s what our friends at CBT are saying. According to their top secret source, both Batman and Wayne Enterprises are featured in a passing manner, which (I’m assuming) would be similar to the way Thor was referenced in IRON MAN 3 “It’s all changed since that Big Guy with the Hammer fell out of the sky”… or something like that. I couldn’t find the exact quote online, but if you’ve seen that flick, then you probably get what I’m saying!

Now, the real question is… will this be the same Wayne/Batman from Nolan’s THE DARK KNIGHT SAGA, or will it be an entirely new one. If I had my way (and I often don’t), the WB would wrap Christian Bale up in a nice 3 film contract, loaded with millions and millions of dollars, and bring him into a unified universe with Cavill’s Superman. But… that may be too outlandish.

We can hope, right? What do you think?

Can we at least get a World’s Finest movie?