Remember when we told you that everyone’s favorite sith overlord Emperor Palpatine AKA Darth Sidous (Played by Ian McDarmid) might feature in the highly anticipated Episode VII of the Star Wars Saga? We now have insider information that not only answers how Palpatine would return but also hints at the villain’s role in the movie trilogy. A small reminder that since this is insider information, it’s best we consider it to be a mere rumor at this stage, and take it with a grain of salt. But not to fear, keep checking back for updates as when we receive them!

Our source seems to tell us exactly how Palpatine would return, despite his apparent death in Episode VI.  The site says the  erstwhile chancellor of the galactic republic will not return  as a clone. He will however appear as a Force Ghost just like Obi-Wan, Yoda, and even Anakin. The source also adds that during the events of episode VI , Palpatine had another sith apprentice hidden away, and it is likely that this hitherto unknown apprentice will take up the mantle of the villain for episode VII with the force ghost of his mentor at his side.

Now this does raise up a few questions. Why did Palpatine have another apprentice when he had Darth Vader and might have taken Luke under his wing too? And why have we never heard of this apprentice before? And if the apprentice did exist why didn’t he fight for Palpatine in episode VI or atleast take revenge earlier? So many questions!

But don’t fret my Padawans. This is merely a rumor as I have stated before, and we don’t know what state the script of the movie is in. Reports suggest that the script is being “heavily worked on” . So this information may very well be disregarded in the next few months, or may be reworked on in a better way. Patience is a virtue my Jedi friends.

Star Wars episode VII is being directed by JJ Abrams and has a tentative Summer 2015 release.

SOURCE: Latino Review