Prepare to Bust a Nut: STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS Trailer Coming Monday





star wars the force awakens poster

Forget that anniversary dinner. The cat can probably live another day without food. And did you REALLY need to go to your kid’s baseball game, anyway? No, you don’t: what you’re gonna be doing instead is watching the brand new trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens!

Two days ago, Screen Crush ran a report that the trailer would be coming on Monday 19th October and air during some sports thing on ESPN, and then tickets would go on sale after that. This all came about thanks to their sources, and a Cinemark slip-up. They then updated their story to confirm that this would totally be happening.

Major U.S. theater chains were provided today with ticketing information on Star Wars: The Force Awakens. We have seen the document, which requires theaters to have all their ticketing information entered into the system by 8:00am ET on Friday, October 16 for release at 12:00pm ET to ticketing web sites. This doesn’t mean that tickets will go on sale at that time (in fact, they are still likely to go on sale on Monday, October 19, timed to the trailer release), just confirmation that this is all happening. The pre-sale includes tickets for both Star Wars: The Force Awakens and the Star Wars Marathon, which will begin with The Phantom Menace at 4:00am on December 17 and end with The Force Awakens later that night at 7:00pm. Those tickets will cost $50. No word yet on extras (posters, pins, etc.) at this point. We’ve also been told to watch for an official announcement this week on

Sounds like a (wet) dream.

This was then corroborated by Making Star Wars, the leading fansite for all things Star Wars, who then confirmed this news. They also said that an announcement would come about twelve hours before airing time, and a new logo would come out at the same time. Exciting, huh? To add fuel to the fire, apparently the trailer is “really going to be something special.” Be still my heart.

Screen Crush then provided another update, confirming that it’ll air with “a special Star Wars themed Monday Night Football on Disney-owned ESPN.” The trailer will be broadcast during half-time (the tickets will go on sale then too), and the game will be preceded by its own opening crawl.

Oh, yeah, and they said to expect an official poster on Sunday.

We repeat: SUNDAY. Not Monday. That means you have two whole days of Star Wars goodness to mastu- enjoy!

Finally, io9 chimed in with their own sources and confirmed the timings of everything. The poster is indeed coming on Sunday morning, followed by the final trailer at roughly 8PM EST, and ticket sales half an hour later.

star wars shocked funny

These trailer reports have been bubbling for a few weeks now, as pretty much everyone is just waiting in anticipation for it to finally drop – even the actors. The last trailer was back in April, and the last scrap of footage was a 15-second Instagram teaser. We Star Wars nerds are a hungry bunch. However, I remember reading (I can’t remember where – apologies) that when this trailer comes it’ll be the last bit of new footage we get. The TV spots will just be made up of previously-seen stuff. That’s good because it means the movie will be preserved and it’ll build up the hype etc, but it also means by the time December rolls around we’ll quite literally be frothing at the mouth for this movie.

There you have it. A new Star Wars: The Force Awakens poster on Sunday. A new trailer on Monday. Pre-release ticket sales on Monday, as well as tickets for a seven-movie-marathon that will likely result in a couple of wars in the theaters. I live in the UK, and I’m definitely staying up to watch that sucker at 1AM on Tuesday. *ahem*


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