Okay Slow Down, Jaimie Alexander’s Potential Role In BATMAN VS SUPERMAN Might Not Be Wonder Woman


Jaimie Alexander has confirmed that she’s indeed talked with both Marvel and DC Entertainment about future superhero roles. It’s come out that Jaimie is one of four contenders for that major female role in Batman Vs Superman. However, a lot of people including Alexander (via Twitter re-tweets) have been hinting this role could Wonder Woman. Not the case, according to LatinoReview. Which states they’ve been hearing this is Bruce Wayne’s love interest from the day they originally broke the news. At no time have they mentioned Wonder Woman for the film.

This could mean the role might actually be another strong DC lady. Which I speculate could include Selina Kyle, Sasha Bordeaux (Bruce’s bodyguard turned protege), Zatanna, Dinah Lance (Black Canary) or even Kate Kane (Batwoman). Zatanna is expected to be the female lead in Guillermo del Toro’s DC movie project Dark Universe. I wouldn’t put it past DC Entertainment to try to link both Justice League and Dark Universe in Batman Vs Superman. Selina Kyle has been a longtime love interest to Bruce and appears in Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. The comic is said to be greatly influencing the new film. I’m sure fans would love to see the return of Catwoman.

ThinkMcFlyThink on the other hand were squawking that agencies were naming Wonder Woman for the role. It’s possible that Jaimie’s agent told her that the role is Wonder Woman but the studio didn’t actually tell actresses what it was for. Christopher Nolan used a similar way to secretly test actors for roles for his Dark Knight Trilogy. This doesn’t mean that this won’t be Wonder Woman when the dust settles. Just remember, LR was the site that originally broke this story and at no point have they linked Wonder Woman for Batman Vs Superman. To be fair, Diana Prince has been a love interest to Batman. In the end both could end up right. Let’s just not set ourselves up for a giant disappointment and consider this might not be Diana.