Some More Thoughts on Jamie Foxx’s All Blue Electro in THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2

As we heard back in April, when we saw him all geeked out as Maxwell Dillon, actor Jamie Foxx will be playing Electro in the 2014 The Amazing Spider-Man sequel. Now, Entertainment Weekly has given us an official glimpse of the man transformed! Glowing, glaring, and decked out in all blue Foxx looks seriously dope and perfectly creepy as Electro.

I mean seriously, his brain is glowing!

Also, the new blue look is something of a departure from the comic book version of the character who has typically donned yellow and green (and kinda looked like jackass).

Foxx’s costume is clearly derived from the Ultimate Marvel universe version of Electro, where the villain is bald and dons a black leather costume sans mask rather than that ridiculous lightning thing. The Ultimate version of Maxwell Dillon became Electro after he underwent a bioengineering experiment that gave him the power to control electricity rather than his traditional struck-by-lightning origin.

We don’t know if the film will adopt the Ultimate story line for Electro or if they’re just borrowing the Ultimate universe costume for the sake of audience’s taking the character seriously. Either way it looks like Electro will be the main big baddie. Considering this, it’s a relief that we won’t have to look at the hilarious lightning mask for 2+ hours…