New Trailer for SHARKNADO 3: OH HELL NO is Out!!


sharknado 3 banner

It’s arguable that Sharknado is both the greatest and the worst franchise of all time. The first movie was hilariously stupid and became an internet hit, quickly followed up by an equally-terrible sequel, and now a third movie is coming out. It’s not as if SyFy thinks these films are good; with all cheesy shark movies I’m pretty certain that the creatives know what they’re creating is terrible but they’re often quite fun and there are occasional moments of glory.

Sharknado in particular is very self-aware, and that’s embodied in this new trailer release. The CGI is awful, the acting is bad – and we will still watch it and love it. Here it is:

This is basically Asylum (the studio which makes all these B-movies)’s cash cow and they’re going to exploit for every penny it’s worth (which probably isn’t an awful lot). I would like to say that this will be the fitting conclusion of the trilogy but there will likely be a whole lot more. So far, the series has stayed firmly in America – what if next time we go to London? Paris? China? What if we go to the homeland of the Sharknadoes themselves? So many exciting, terrible possibilities.

The problem with many shark movies is that they take themselves too seriously. They’re bad (some better than others) but the filmmakers want to try and pretend otherwise, which isn’t gonna work. These movies relish in the fact that they suck and, like I said, are very self-aware. It adds a whole other element of fun to the franchise.

Including David Hasselhoff is also weird and interesting. I almost don’t like it, because it adds some legitimacy to this made-for-TV franchise. On the other hand, it opens up the door for a whole host of fun celebrity cameos. Perhaps one day we could see movies like Sharknado actually get made for the big screen.

Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No is out sometime this month.