New Thor: The Dark World Poster Showcases ENTIRE Cast

Thor: The Dark World is hitting theaters very soon. When I was at the movie theater seeing The Wolverine, my friends and I agreed that it would  be awesome to get a cut of the movie without Natalie Portman. On this new poster she is right on the center giving the bearded guy a big hug. This is pretty disappointing to me because the love story was just really tacked on. A great villain and interpretation of Asgard was not given nearly enough to be explored in the film. This flick seems to be dealing with a whole lot more based on this trailer with almost the whole cast combined hanging out. One has to wonder if a romance with Sif of Asgard would lead to a better movie. This poster gives plenty to be excited about as fan favorite Idris Elba is back as Heimdall, he gave an interview with IGN saying that he was unhappy with the scope of his role.

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There are many opportunities for the actor in the larger Marvel Universe, I for one would not mind him playing two roles. Tom Hiddleston is also back as Loki, which will prove to be interesting after his role in Avengers. One would hope they have found an actual place for him in the plot, where he is not simply laying around. Movies and television shows are often too precious with the characters they like and start to get lazy. If the time or place called for it, I would love to see the death of Loki in the cinematic world. Chris Eccleston, another presence beloved by fans is also set to play Malekith the Accursed. When digging into Walter Simonson’s extended Thor run, I was shocked at the inclusion of Malekith. The character was nothing but a little whiny bitch whom Loki used every chance he got. With the recent Iron Man 3 fake out, it is very possible that a similar plot twist will be used sometime in the movie.

It is also fantastic that the warriors three and Sif are all reprising their roles. Even though the characters were not given enough screen time, the showdown with the frost giants was enough to leave an impression on me. Also females need a role model that can really kick some ass when it is called for. Anthony Hopkins is also back, his presence as Odin was definitely well received in the last film. Just get Natalie Portman out and I will be so much more excited! Thor: The Dark World opens in the states on November 8th.

Source: IGN