New Images for Star Trek Into Darkness

The latest issue of Empire magazine features screenshots from the upcoming sequel to the 2009 Star Trek film, Star Trek Into Darkness. The images feature Captain Kirk (played by Chris Pine), Spock (played by Zachary Quinto), Uhura (played by Zoe Saldana), and more.

The plot of the film has been described as thus:

 After being called back home, the crew of the Enterprise find a seemingly unstoppable force which has attacked Starfleet and left the planet in chaos. Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise are tasked with leading the deadly manhunt to capture the party responsible and settle an old score.

The antagonist of the film, John Harrison, will be played by Benedict Cumberbatch. Other returning characters from the first film include Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy (Karl Urban), Pavel Chekov (Anton Yelchin), Hikaru Sulu (John Cho), Montgomery “Scotty” Scott (Simon Pegg), and Christopher Pike (Bruce Greenwood).  Dr. Carol Marcus will also be appearing in the film, played by Alice Eve. Star Trek will remember Carol Marcus from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

The film will be released on May 17, 2013. The film is being directed by J. J. Abrams, who also helmed the first film and Mission: Impossible III, and distributed by Paramount Pictures. The musical score is being composed by Michael Giacchino, who has also scored films like The Incredibles, Speed Racer, Up, Super 8, John Carter, and the first Star Trek film. If you liked the music of the first film, I think it is safe to assume that you’ll still enjoy it for the sequel.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the film, and while some may have thought that the trailer was a bit vague, I mostly enjoyed it (even if the main villain’s speech reminded me of Bane from The Dark Knight Rises and Mandarin from Iron Man 3).

Source: ComingSoon