Michael Fassbender Just Loves Killing People, Onboard for Assassin’s Creed Flick

We all know the long sordid history of video game flicks.

They suck. Usually.

Of course, there are a few exceptions of tolerable mediocrity, but for the most part, video games adapted for the silver screen are a particularly nauseating bunch of movies.

Well, Michael Fassbender, yes, that Michael Fassbender, hopes to bump the trend with his take on Assassin’s Creed. He’ll star and co-produce the flick, which centers around an especially prolific Templar assassin.

If any video game flick had a hope at success, it’s gotta be this one. Fassbender is on fire.

After showing off his wang in Shame, he’s become one of Hollywood’s most sought talents, redefining Magneto for a new generation and returning Ridley Scott’s Alien verse┬áto the forefront of Sci-Fi.

SOURCE: Variety

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