Marvel’s The Avengers Sets Second Weekend Box Office Record

Adding to the already huge pile of records set and broken by the superhero team-up of a lifetime Marvel’s The Avengers, it has now been revealed that the comic book behemoth is set to make $100m in it’s second weekend at the box office, becoming the first film ever to do so and beating the previous record set by Avatar at $75m. Disney says the movie could well pass $300m by tonight in a record breaking 9 days (beating the previous record of 10 days). If the money continues to be raked in through tomorrow, the domestic total as of Sunday night could be around $355m. But I know most of you reading this don’t give a damn about domestic grosses, so what’s the worldwide gross?

With a current international gross of $533.3M that brings it’s current worldwide gross to $888.3m, and that’s WITHOUT the final second weekend figures. If it doesn’t cross a billion by tomorrow, then it will definately be verrryy close to it. The gross needs to be updated on sites like Box Office Mojo, but when it is it’s place on the highest grossing films chart could well be around #11, rather than the current #32. What place do you think Marvel’s The Avengers will take on the chart? Sound off below.

SOURCE: Deadline