This is a bit of strange news, as when the news that Marvel were actively pushing ahead with a Guardians of the Galaxy film leaked on the net one of the main reasons stated about why the movie was coming so soon was because the script, written by Nicole Perlman (who helped polish up the Thor script and wrote a Black Widow prequel), which is apparently incredible. Now THR is reporting that a new writer has been brought on board to either doctor the script or re-write it completely.

It’s another no-name writer, Christopher McCoy, whose three scripts he’s sold to Disney have ended up on the black list. Although, the site further notes that he has been praised for having a “quirky, comedic” element in his scripts.

Even though I haven’t seen or read any of the two writers’ work, I’m still a little worried about it. I really hope that sooner or later news will break that Joss Whedon has been brought on to either re-write/polish the script, or direct it, or even both! Anyhow, what do you think of the news? Sound off below.

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter