Marvel’s The Avengers is due to arrive at local shops on Blu-ray and DVD (in all its various combo packs) on September 25th.  Originally, the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One Box Set was due to arrive on the same day.  Sadly fans, that’s not going to happen.

According to SuperHeroHype:

Speculation suggested that the delay was due to a pending lawsuit on the part of the company that manufactured the case for the film and some fans feared that the set may be cancelled altogether.

There’s some positive news today, however, as the Phase One set will indeed see a release, albeit next spring instead of later this month. SuperHeroHype has confirmed that case design will change, although we’re not yet certain exactly how significantly. Check back for details as they become available.

So there ya go guys, are you disappointed about the delay?  Does this affect your purchase plans on the 25th?  Sound off with your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

SOURCE: SuperHeroHype