Make Your Own James Bond Action Figure

You might have noticed we’ve got a little carried away with Bond’s 50th anniversary here at UTF, well I’m not about to buck the trend now! We have a special treat for you 007 fans with a quick and super easy tutorial on how to make your very own James Bond action figure with the likeness of Daniel Craig. Bizarrely, despite the universal appeal of Britain’s most famous secret agent, there have been very very few figures/toys based on Bond, with none baring the icy good looks of Daniel Craig, so we decided to build our own, and you can too as it couldn’t be easier!

What you need:

A Golden Compass Lord Asriel figure – even though Daniel Craig sported a beard for the majority of the film the figure, which has a brilliant likeness to the Liverpudlian actor, is clean shaven, making it a perfect head for a Bond based figure.

A suited (and booted) 5″ figure – This is harder to come by as kids apparently aren’t too fond of toys in suits, however there are a few options here including; the A-Team‘s Face action figure, and Alfred and Jim Gordon figures from The Dark Knight Rises line. We went with Face as it was the cheapest option (Gordon and Alfred appear to be hard to come by)

OPTIONAL – If you are using the A-Team Face figure you may need another figure to use for hands, as Face wears black gloves.

Instructions – It really couldnt be more simple, once you have the correct figures all you need to do is pop the head off Lord Asriel and pop it on to one of the suited bodies…. and TA DA you have your very own Bond…. James Bond.

Stay tuned to UTF throughout the day for more Bond loving, and don’t forget Skyfall is out October 26th this month (as if you could forget that!)