Kevin Fiege Talks A Sequel To The Avengers

In the latest issue of Mexican movie magazine Cine PREMIERE they conducted a visit to the set of The Avengers, along with a new look at the team assembled on the front cover. Check the cover out below:

In their set visit, Marvel Studios head honcho Kevin Fiege spoke to them about the idea of a sequel to The Avengers, whether Marvel have gained any more rights to some other characters owned by other studios and how much he wants to see the massive comic storyline Civil War adapted to screen. Read his thoughts below:

Exceptional story it is and at some point would be great. No plans for now and the advantage is that none of these characters are part of the core team. The contracts are very clear and there has been no pressure to get them back, but never say never, because four years ago this was a dream so who knows what might happen in the future.