Jennifer Lawrence and Director Gary Ross Plan to Make EVERY MOVIE EVER


Are you excited about America’s Current Sweetheart Jennifer Lawrence?

Someone sure is, since she’s got a whole slew of movies, including the next Hunger Games and X-Men movies, along with the David O. Russell flick American Hustle.

And just in case you forgot, she’s already an Oscar winner.

Because the word “overachiever” doesn’t exist in her world, Lawrence has signed on to two movies with her Hunger Games director Gary Ross. The first is a remake of an old James Dean movie called East of Eden, with Lawrence as the main character’s mother. That flick is being made by Universal Pictures and Ron Howard’s production company Imagine Entertainment, which recently brought us the Formula One biopic Rush.

She’s my celebrity crush, what of it?

The second is an adaptation of a novel called Burial Rites, by an author called Hannah Kent, who I’m almost certain has no relation to the journalist called Clark. Presumably, Lawrence will play the main character of that film. No production company or distributor has been announced.

Stranger still is Gary Ross, who has flipped flopped from project to project since bowing out of the sequels. He was last announced to direct a Peter Pan prequel for Disney (they can’t give up on those, can they?), explaining how everything on Neverland came to be. It’s called Peter and the Starcatchers, and the book by Dave Barry isn’t half bad, so maybe it’ll be a success among the critical failure and financial success of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland sequel and Sam Raimi’s Wizard of Oz prequel.

Either way, Lawrence is still one of my personal favorite actresses working today. Apart from the Hunger Games sequels, which look pretty lackluster to nobody’s surprise, I’m pretty excited to see where she goes next with her career.