Jean-Claude Van Damme For AVENGERS 2?

Read it and weep true believers! Jean-Claude Van Damme, the lovable Belgian relic of kickboxing fame, wants to co-star in Joss Whedon’s AVENGERS 2, stating…

It was my pleasure to meet Mr. Stan Lee back in 1994, along with Mr. Samuel & Mr. Victor Hadida! I read that Chris Hemsworth (star of “Thor” and brother of Liam Hemsworth, “The Expendables 2”) would like me to costar in “The Avengers 2” movie!

Well, it would be fun to play one of these types of amazing comic book characters again. By the way, I am a big fan of Marvel’s superhero Silver Surfer and also another heroic fictional character known as Doc Savage – the Man of Bronze!”

While I initially dismissed this statement as the attention hungry ramblings of an old, tan man, I’ve had a tiny change of heart. I don’t know if you fanboys and fangirls know this, but Damme’s a semi-legitimate badass.  He’s one of the few 80’s action stars to actually smash faces in a sanctioned prize fight, and he even chased Steven “full-of-shit” Seagal out of a fancy schmancy Hollywood party after the latter issued a challenge.

And besides… the dude can actually act. And I’m not talking Arnold Schwarzenegger winks and smiles, I mean REALLY act. Just check out his flick JCVD inspired by his own life.

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If it were still the 80’s, Van Damme would make a convincing Iron Fist, joined onscreen by not-quite-too-old-for-this-shit Danny Glover as Power Man. But while the European stud has had a bit of a resurgence in recent years, I’m not sure what role he could score in the modern Marvel Cinematic Universe. Are there even any badass 50 year-old characters in The Avengers comics?

Well… on second thought… fuck it.  Make him Iron Fist.  Who else has this type of intensity…


Heyo. I'm Nick Dourian, the Editor-In-Chief around these parts. Now, I went to a few other sites, read a few awesome bios, and I really want to fabricate a badass origins story for myself, but I'm feeling particularly unimaginative today, so 'f' that jazz. I read comics, drink bourbon, and cook meats. Imagine Ron Swanson, but with a fuller beard and cuter eyes.
  • Waleed Al-Telbany

    Wow! Great article 🙂 yes, JCVD should be in one of the comic heroes action movies. Hollywood, do it! Iron First is great too for him.

  • Nina Durand

    we want him back

  • Nina Durand

    we lovehim

  • Diana Lenart

    I would be very happy if it happened!

  • Dale

    Bad ass article! “Full-of-shit” Seagal so very true haha.

  • Pedro J. Sáez

    It would be great, Van Damme is a great actor, he would bright in the movie!!.

  • Gustavo Cardozo

    will be Fantastic 🙂

  • Waleed Al-Telbany

    Make it happen! Van Damme rocks!

  • Diana Lenart

    JCVD is amazing! I would go and see the movie -not just once- if he is in it!

  • Pedro José Tena

    I think Van Damme could play any Avenger on this list: Vision, Dr. Strange, Namor, Wonder Man or specially Swordsman (Jacques DuQuesne), due to his french accent. He’s in a wonderful shape, he can kick asses and he has improved A LOT as an actor. Also, he was the best thing in ‘The Expendables 2, so he deserves a chance’.

  • Nick Jones

    Come on…Batroc would be perfect for him if they bring in the Masters of Evil.