Jason Momoa Swears That his AQUAMAN Will be AWESOME

Out of every superhero ever, the one who is probably made fun of the most is Aquaman. How come? It all stems from the classic idea that he’s a useless hero; to the untrained (un-nerdy) eye all he can do is talk to fish, making for a pretty lame character, and coupled with a few jokes on Entourage, Aquaman has become something of a laughing stock. I even recall an argument with a friend a month or so ago about him – I was a staunch defender and he was trying to explain why he sucks, without even really knowing anything about him.

This negative public perception of him could prove difficult when he eventually reaches the big screen; first it’ll be in Batman v Superman in a very small role, and then he will obviously have a larger presence in the Justice League movies and his own solo flick in 2018. Or it could turn out to not be an issue at all. I mean, when your guy looks like this


Yeah, I wouldn’t want to mess with him either.

As evidenced by that particular ‘debate,’ though, people still aren’t getting the message, and star Jason Momoa had a few kind words for those people when he chatted about the role at Fan Expo Canada.

“You know, it’s cute and funny, I mean people make fun of him and there’s a bunch of jokes about him. But I’m like ‘Well… just wait. Let’s just wait a little bit. And then we can make jokes…'”

I think I’m gonna take his word on that one.

To be honest, the reasoning behind all these jokes at Arthur Curry’s expense is because the general public only knows the obvious about him, and the same goes for plenty of other DC superheroes. The company has done such a bad job of pushing characters other than Batman and Superman into the limelight over the past few decades that people only end up knowing of these guys, rather than knowing who they are. Hell, I’m a massive geek, and I didn’t even know Wonder Woman was related at all to Greek gods until a few years ago.

Do forgive me for that.

Fortunately, this should all change over the next few years with the influx of DC movies coming our way. People are gonna finally learn all about the Flash, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg and Green Lantern (properly), as well as the wider range of characters. Just one movie can change people’s perception of a superhero entirely. Iron Man was lame until 2008, Ant-Man was until recently (even if he still is a little bit) – hell, even Batman was cheesy and lame until 1989. Judging from that teaser image alone, I think people are gonna start to view the King of Atlantis as more badass than bad.

Plus, Aquaman is awesome. He’s an environmentalist (which is the 21st Century idea of cool) and he reminds me of an underwater Thor. His powers are also pretty neat. He can telepathically communicate and summon all kinds of marine life; that may sound kinda stupid, but it means he can send a multitude of great white sharks to rip you to pieces. He’s super-strong, he’s bulletproof, he can swim up Niagra Falls and has a fucking badass trident that isn’t afraid to use – and use harshly – which all adds up to a brutal warrior. Another power which he doesn’t necessarily have in the comics is controlling water directly – i.e. being able to create tsunamis or tidal waves. This is one thing which I really wouldn’t be surprised to see his big screen incarnation using. Imagine if some evil army is laying waste to the Justice League, and then Aquaman comes along and completely pulverizes them with pressurized water?

In short, Aquaman rocks, and hopefully Momoa’s version of him will rock even more.