Bond is now a bigger franchise than ever, what with Skyfall raking in over $1B globally, and the next film looking as if it could gross just as much. Consequently, it means that people are looking for any way they can to cash in on such a strong brand identity. Some of those ideas will be good and inevitably some will be absolutely terrible. This kinda falls somewhere in the middle.

The daughter of one of the Bond producers, Harry Saltzman – no, he isn’t the daughter, he’s the dad. No, wait–this is a disaster. Let me start again.

There’s a Bond producer, Harry Saltzman, who has a daughter called Merry Saltzman. Merry has recently confirmed that she’s gotten ahold of the rights to produce a James Bond stage musical. Right. We got there in the end, didn’t we?

She told PlayBill that the aptly-titled James Bond: The Musical will have an original storyline, as well as “several Bond villains, plus some new ones.”

“Production schedules and trial runs are still being worked out in anticipation of a late 2017-early 2018 opening on Broadway or in Las Vegas, at a venue to be announced. The show will also introduce ‘our own Bond girl.'”

(via previously-linked-and-mentioned-website)

Look, I do quite like the Bond franchise – I did an entire bloody unit on it at school – but this could easily be terrible and cheesy. However, at the same time, it could also be really cool. It sounds as if Merry and Pip- will be producing a musical which will be respectful of the novels and movies and celebrate them, if they’re planning on bringing back some old villains. Could we see a cameo from an elderly, past-their-time Bond? Come on, don’t tell me you wouldn’t LOVE to see Sean Connery back on a mission in Spain performing a song-and-dance routine of Livin’ La Vida Loca?!


Head back over to PlayBill for some more info on who will be writing and developing the musical, out in 2017 or 2018.