One of my favourite things to do when I’m bored and I’ve run out of superhero porn parodies to watch is to think about what could happen in some big upcoming films. Is it pointless? In a sense, yeah. That doesn’t mean it isn’t a fun screenwriting exercise.

During one of said exercises I planned out some possible plot points for the newly-titled Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. The relevant information went something like this:

  • Xandar are pissed off at the Kree for Ronan blowing up half the Nova Corps
  • Both planets are on the verge of breaking their peace treaty
  • Hala sends Captain Mar-Vell to treat with the Nova Corps regarding Ronan’s attack. However, his ACTUAL mission is to retrieve the Power Stone for Kree purposes
  • The Orb is stolen. For simplicity it’s easier to say that Mar-Vell takes it himself, however that wouldn’t make a lot of sense since he would be seen and/or immediately blamed. Instead, Nebula steals it
  • Nebula is supposedly working for the Kree, however she’s secretly independent and uses the Orb to decimate a major Kree city. This forces the Nova Corps and the Kree to work together, and they enlist a group of people who are more familiar with Nebula and the Orb than anyone…
  • Something something Orb something more Infinity Stones something Thanos

robert downey jr thunbs up

I think there should be some sort of pay-off for Ronan’s attack at the end of the first movie. It helps to make the series more cohesive if each film is building on the events of the last, and it would make sense that the parties would return to being pissy with each other. The whole Orb sub-plot may seem a little reminiscent of the first movie too, but hey, I’m not James Gunn.

Or, I might be, since it looks as if Mar-Vell or another member of his family may show up in Vol. 2. During a recent Facebook Q&A with Gunn this exchange happened…

james gunn mar-vell guardians of the galaxy

(via the Marvel Studios Reddit)

If you don’t know then James Gunn uses social media perhaps more than any other mainstream director. He’s always posting Facebook updates, Instagram photos of animals, funny Snapchat stories and tweeting. I have no idea how he actually gets any work done at all. Because of this he often talks about Guardians of the Galaxy and Marvel, giving fans plenty of opportunities to ask him questions which he probably shouldn’t answer. He isn’t exactly a secretive guy and if he gets asked about something that isn’t gonna happen he will say so. That’s why his reply here is so interesting.

Not just because the photo of him is creepy and is going to give me nightmares but because it’s the equivalent of a “no comment,” and if you’ve been writing about and following movie news for as long as I have then you learn that if a director says something along those lines it means “yes”. Basically, there’s a pretty high chance that Mar-Vell will feature in the sequel.

I say him rather than his daughter, Phyla-Vell, because you need to introduce the captain first. Captain Marvel is out November 2018 and it’s necessary to set up the idea of that hero and explore the Kree more before you even get into that. Sure, you can do it in Infinity War but there’s so much else going on that I doubt it would be a good idea. You could do it in Captain Marvel itself but Kevin Feige has already issued a big fat no regarding future Marvel origin stories: they’re gone. That just leaves this movie.

Of course, I could be wrong and it will be Phyla-Vell making an appearance. It’s always good to have more female characters – especially because she’s bisexual, typically in a relationship with Moondragon (the daughter of Drax). This would bring some major and much-needed diversity to the MCU. Gunn has said that this is a movie about fathers; how awesome would it be if both Phyla and Moondragon appeared to continue this theme?

Moondragon and Phyla-Vell

At the moment it’s all speculation. This could even just be Gunn messing with fans and nobody with the last name ‘Vell’ shows up in the sequel. However, there’s a chance, and we geeks have to cling to all little shreds of hope because we’re idiots.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is out May 2017.