IRON MAN 3: Mid-Week International Box Office Update

Your friendly neighborhood part-time box office reporter reported on Sunday that Marvel Studios threequel Iron Man 3 had earned a colossal $195M on its international opening weekend – so how has the movie fared on its first full week of international release?

Well, it’s all going rather well for Iron Man 3. Yesterday saw a May Day holiday in several international territories, and the threequel raked in a huge $65.6M on the holiday – an awful lot better than The Avengers fared on last year’s May Day. This was partially down to the movie’s release in China yesterday (where a special cut with extra footage featuring Chinese stars was released), where it smashed the all-time opening-day record with $21.5M. All of this has led to a healthy total of $307M worldwide, which is pretty encouraging.

And the movie hasn’t even opened in North America yet (it’ll open tomorrow, for those  who’ve found some comfy rocks to hide under for the past half-year), where it’s projected for an opening weekend of between $165-$180M. Then again, The Avengers stormed past its predictions for an opening weekend record, so it’s anyone’s guess as to what Iron Man 3 will earn this weekend.