IRON MAN 3 Makes A Bazillion Dollars In Its Opening Weekend; Second Highest Ever

Even though Iron Man 3 has been out in practically the entire world since the end of April, the sequel only hit North American screens two days ago (as is the case with all Marvel movies). If you’d been following box office news for the movie closely then you’d know that a billion dollars was a certainty at the rate it was going, and you can read about it’s international grosses here. Many were wondering whether the film would get anwhere near The Avengers‘ record-breaking $207m opening weekend last year, but Iron Man 3 has blasted through the predictions and scored an $175m opening weekend.


This makes it the second-highest opening weekend gross ever (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 previously held the record) and has already out-grossed every other Marvel Studios movie except for Avengers in just 10 days. And people say comic book movies are a fad.

Expect the movie to hit the big $1B sometime within the next week. One thing’s for sure, this can only mean good things for Thor: The Dark World and Marvel’s other upcoming Phase II movies! What do you think? Did you go to see Iron Man 3 this weekend? Share your thoughts below.

SOURCE: Twitter