IRON MAN 3 Heads To iOS…. As An Endless Runner

That teaser Gameloft posted on their Twitter the other day was, as we expected, for an iOS Iron Man 3 game. However we expected something akin to their Amazing Spider-Man game, with an open world for us to wreck havok in, however they have taken a different approach and given us and endless runner flyer…. as if there weren’t enough of those already installed on our idevices.

However don’t fret too much true believer from the trailer below it seems as if Gameloft have shaken up the formula enough for this to pique our interests, the game looks to feature high octane pace (take that Sonic Dash) and a healthy dose (we mean **** loads) of shooting things till they go boom! All with the gorgeous graphics that have become synonymous with Gameloft mobile releases.

Check out the trailer below and keep your eyes peeled for our review when the game hits on April 25th.