IRON MAN 3 Goes 4-D….in Japan!

I’ve never gotten the hate or love for 3D. It is just another gimmick, and some people act like its the best/worst thing ever. Hint: Its not! The way I see it, if you don’t like 3D, watch it in 2D. And if you love 3D, great, just don’t go on and on about how it has saved cinema or whatever. Anyway, the 3D craze is still going strong. So I guess it is time for 4D to rear it’s head…via Iron Man 3!

In Japan, a special theater located in Nagoya will play Iron Man 3 in “4DX”. For those who don’t know what 4D is, it is when the theater itself reacts to the movie. Iron Man 3 in particular will use strobe lights, moving seats, fog, odors, and other immersive things.

4D is hardly a new thing, but it seems Japan is trying to popularize it (Iron Man 3 will be the first ever 4D film to play in Japanese theaters!), but it is currently unknown if Disney will try to have 4D screenings in North America. I’m not sure that I would like 4D though; it sounds distracting!

Iron Man 3 will be released in US theaters on May 3. Shane Black is directing. If Iron Man 3 gets a 4D screening in a theater near you, think you’ll check it out?

Source: CBM