Hugh Jackman Takes Credit As The Only Star In DAYS OF FUTURE PAST

Today, Fox released two X-Men: Days of Future Past posters. One features the future and past versions of Magneto, and the other features Wolverine and Mystique. Both list Hugh Jackman as the only star in the flick. What the heck!days of future past Magneto poster

C’mon Foxy-poo, how dare you put Hugh Jackman’s name on the same poster as master of magnetism. Magneto has always been the emotional backbone of your entire franchise. Even X-Men: The Last Stand has redeeming qualities based mainly on the sheer badassness of Magneto. Every single X-flick that is awesome was great because of Magneto, not freakin’ Hugh Jackman.

days of future past wolverine poster

I think I am going to read Ultimatum right now, just to watch Magnus kill Wolverine for good. Then I will read Fatal Attractions because I love seeing the adamantium slowly pulled from Wolvie’s weak body. After that, I will take my old Wolverine action figure and sneeze on it, three times, like I do every day.

Seriously, there are about 50 mutants in this flick that I am more interested in than Wolverine. I’m geeking out much more for Blink and Warpath than Wolverine’s hairy behind.

P.S. Here is a classic pic that I look at each night before I go to sleep.

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