Hugh Jackman Gets His SNIKT On in Latest THE WOLVERINE Pics

You may have your doubts about THE WOLVERINE, considering the questionable quality of mutie flicks that precedes it, but at least there are Ninjas. If that’s any type of consolation. Those throwing stars have to be worth something?

We’ve nabbed a few brand new photos from the Australian set featuring Hugh Jackman in all of his berserker barrage glory. It looks like they’ve recreated a Japanese village for the scene, which makes sense, since the whole plot revolves around the the Land of the Rising Sun. Anyway, give the pics a looksee below.

I know they’re a bit difficult to make out, but it seems like Logan has taken a few notes from Jason Bourne’s “Breaking Into Moving Vehicles For Dummies”.

What do you think? Awesome? Toss up?


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