Well, this is exciting.

It was a surprise when Mads Mikkelsen was revealed to be part of the cast of Star Wars: Rogue One a few weeks ago as he hadn’t previously been linked to the movie at all. That film is due out December 2016, one month after Disney’s other big-budget output, Doctor Strange. The movies couldn’t be more different, however it turns out that the linking tissue between them is Mikkelsen, who is in talks for the Sorcerer Supreme’s enemy.

Fan art, fyi.

Fan art, fyi.

Variety broke the news but they unfortunately don’t have any word on who he’s playing. Lucky you have us, right?! We’re guessing that Mikkelsen will be playing Dormammu, Doctor Strange’s biggest villain. He looks a little bit like this…

You can really see the resemblance.

Dormammu is the ruler of the ‘Dark Dimension,’ who takes Baron Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor) under his wing. Mordo is a student of the Ancient One (Tilda Swinton) alongside Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch, obvs) who plans to betray him but is foiled by the good doctor, and the trio have all been enemies ever since. His history seems very complex and mythological, but from skimming his first major story arc which included the Great Fire of London and Stonehenge he sounds like a guy you wouldn’t want to mess with who would also make a damn fine villain.

I mean, Doctor Strange doesn’t have the biggest rogues galley and you’ve just gotta bring in Dormammu in a first movie, so I’d be really shocked if he isn’t playing him. However, it raises a bunch of questions about the size of his roles in this and Rogue One. Filming for the spin-off has already begun and will probably continue until December-ish, and this movie will have to start rolling in October or November, so there will be some overlap. None of us know whether that will directly affect Mikkelsen but it’s theoretically possible to have large roles in both movies. Then again, he may not even be in the movie – this is just early talks.

Regardless, Mads Mikkelsen is a great get. Sure, this news is just another kick in the balls for Hannibal fans but of course he would want to spend his newfound acting freedom hooking up with the two biggest modern movie franchises – Star Wars and Marvel. He’s such a fine and brilliant actor and I’m sure even if the films themselves end up disappointing he will end up being a stand out.

Let’s just hope he doesn’t eat Benedict Cumberbatch.