Joseph Gordon-Levitt Discusses OCCUPY WALL STREET

Politics isn’t often discussed here at UTF. We don’t really affiliate ourselves with any political party or their agendas. We rather think of ourselves as citizens of the world as well as pure fanboys, owing our allegiance to such esteemed organizations as the Rebel Alliance, Dark Brotherhood, or Secret Avengers. But it’s hard not to notice the riotous orchestra of protests taking place around the world.

Just last week Frank Miller, the lauded scribe behind The Dark Knight Returns and the original Japanese Wolverine mini-series, voiced his pessimistic view of the protesters and their stance as the “99% vs 1%”. And now, following the end of production on The Dark Knight Rises, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, has joined the discussion.

What do you guys think? The whole things a bit of a mess, but even through all of the muck and the mire, it’s hard not to see some of the heroic virtues of the protesters…even if some of them are crazies!

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