GAMBIT is No Longer in Trouble – Channing Tatum is IN!

A few days ago Channing Tatum’s X-Men starring vehicle, Gambit, hit a spot of bother. Even though the actor has campaigned for the role for a long time and had all but officially joined the universe (he appeared at Comic-Con, which is basically confirmation in nerd land) we reported that he was on the verge of dropping out due to contract disputes. Sadface.

Fortunately, that all proved to be overblown nonsense and Tatum has now signed the dotted line – hurray!

channing tatum gambit photoshop

Apparently there was a “sensitive spot” that was hit during negotiations but it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. The report also states that he won’t just be in Gambit; Channing has hooked up with this franchise for the long run. He’ll be popping in and out of other X-Men movies as well as headlining his own franchise in a similar role to what Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine has done for the past fifteen years. When I think of the guy, “franchise-connecting major role” doesn’t immediately come to mind however given Tatum’s star power I guess I could see it.

Regardless, it’s gonna be interesting to see how his character is portrayed in these movies, because it sounds as if he’s being set up as a Wolverine replacement, which could suggest that the role won’t be recast. For a while. Could.

Gambit is out October 6th 2016. Be there or be cajun.

gambit fan art