Fox And Marvel Reportedly Going To War Over Quicksilver In DAYS OF FUTURE PAST

Well, maybe “going to war” is a bit of an over exaggeration. Yesterday the huge news broke that Bryan Singer had cast actor Evan Peters as Quicksilver in the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past, seen by hundreds of fans as a way to spite Marvel for including he and his sister Scarlet Witch in the script for The Avengers 2. As all of you know by now the rights to the two characters are shared by Fox and Marvel Studios, however some were worried that this would mean Joss Whedon would have to re-write the script and take out the twins because of the rival studio being pricks. Fear not fans, we’ve got it covered…

HitFix reports that both iterations of the character WILL go forward, they just won’t be able to reference each other. Some even thought that this was the first step towards a shared Marvel multi-verse. Yeah, that ain’t happening. They say that Singer had a specific action sequence in mind that would only work for Quicksilver although I wouldn’t be surprised if that action sequence was created when Joss revealed the twins were in his movie.

If Fox let Singer go ahead and use Pietro Maximoff in the flick then I think it’s safe to say the two companies won’t be working together at all any time soon. Multiple sources are reporting similar things (one of those being Rob Liefeld) saying that Marvel and Fox don’t talk or play nice, which isn’t exactly surprising but a big shame.

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