DEADPOOL Unleashes His Inner Macauley Culkin with New Battle Plan

Ryan Reynolds gives Twitter-users a look at the lighter side of his comedic anti-hero with this new battle plan.

Deadpool Battle Plan

Deadpool may not release until February, but that hasn’t stopped the actor portraying the fast-talking killer from unleashing his holiday spirit. The internet is currently celebrating #12DaysOfDeadpool, a run of online promotional materials featuring the edgy sense of humor for which Deadpool is known. Each day has been celebrated by a different website, but the most recent addition comes courtesy of DeviantArt and actor Ryan Reynolds himself.

With Home Alone broadcasting on multiple stations virtually every day leading up to December 25, the Merc with a Mouth has prepared by organizing a battle plan not unlike that of the young Kevin McCallister. In fact, comparing Deadpool’s battle plan to the original below reveals that Deadpool’s house follows the exact same floor plan as that of the McCallister clan. The “red-hot spring-loaded nut-punching door-knob” is also quite similar to a feature from McCallister’s original drawing.

Deadpool Battle Plan 2

Deadpool’s battle plan also includes a few references to X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the film that originally debuted Ryan Reynolds as the mercenary Wade Wilson. His transformation into Deadpool did not receive a warm welcome by many fans, but Wilson is done with the past as he pushes away a pair of plastic Wolverine claws on the table before unrolling his battle plan on the table. There is also a small toy resembling Marvel’s Stan Lee, and Wolverine appears a second time on the battle plan itself in the form of a mutated honey badger.

Leaving out the notable exception of the “booby trap” in the top-right corner, the humor in this battle plan is a bit lighter than much of what Deadpool has delivered thus far. While a great deal of marketing has plugged the film’s edgier side with references to sex and ultraviolence, this battle plan includes Komodo dragons alongside McCallister’s original glue and feathers. Of course, the violence has still be turned up a bit with medical waste and a giant flamethrower. The “pizza rats of unusual size” also lend the battle plan an added sense of absurdism, something that comic fans may appreciate.

This is the third day of #12DaysOfDeadpool, but only the second to feature an appropriate Christmas theme. Entertainment Weekly gave us a new poster on Day 1, with Day 2 featured a gif from People Magazine depicting Ryan Reynolds on the lap of a Deadpool mall Santa. What will the next nine days bring us? We’ll have to wait to find out.

Deadpool Battle Plan 3

Deadpool opens on February 12, 2016.