D23: Marvel Debuts a CIVIL WAR Trailer… That We Don’t Get

Captain America Civil War

Going on right now at the D23 Expo, Disney’s very own special convention, is the panel which pretty much everybody is most excited for: ‘Worlds, Galaxies and Universes: Live Action at the Walt Disney Studios,’ the panel which is all about Disney’s own live-action output and the stuff people actually care about, Marvel and Star Wars!!!

After strutting their stuff with Doctor Strange, Anthony Mackie and Chris Evans took to the stage to talk Civil War. They cracked some some pro-Disney jokes (because that’s pretty much obligatory at this convention) and then showed off a special trailer, which sounds exactly like we all hoped it would. Check out an assorted selection of fine tweets below…

Well, that sounds fucking awesome.

Redwing as a drone is something which we’d heard about before, but it’s nice to have confirmation. The fun stuff, however, is the characters. It definitely seems as if the relationship between Bucky and Captain America will be a key focus once again, which should put people’s fears of it being ‘Avengers 2.5‘ to rest. The tidbit about him being captured by the government (and, probably by extension, General Ross) is also interesting, because a few days ago we got set photos which showed he and Black Panther scaling a building in Berlin. We know that T’Challa will be neutral, so how does that come about? Will Bucky be rescued at some point? We’ll find out next May!

It doesn’t seem as if the trailer is gonna be released online, however there are some Twitter rumours that it’ll be up tonight. We doubt it, but in case it’s true make sure to repeatedly check back to UTF every five minutes for the next day or so. You wouldn’t want to miss anything else, would you?!

Captain America: Civil War bombards its way into theaters May 6th, 2016.