Chris Hemsworth Would Like A Game Of Thrones-Style Thor 2

Speaking to MTV Splash Page, Chris Hemsworth commented on the new director of Thor 2 Alan Taylor’s Game of Thrones roots and said that he would like Taylor to take notes from the setting of the critically acclaimed fantasy series and wants Asgard to be similar to that world.

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Chris Hemsworth on Alan Taylor’s direction:

“[‘Game of Thrones’] had a real mythical element to it, but it was rooted in such an organic and tangible world. I think Asgard could really benefit from that sort of a grittier, aged feel to it and not so ethereal.”

Chris Hemsworth on taking Thor to other realm’s in Thor 2:

“The big thing about the comics for me was the origin story. Thor was interesting, but what I found more fascinating was the other worlds and realms that you can be taken off into. I haven’t seen the script yet, but hopefully. There are so many other universes out there and realms in the comics that they explored. I think definitely we’ll venture into them.”

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Tom Hiddleston on where he would like to take Loki in Thor 2:“I’d like to take him to his absolute rock bottom. I’d like to see him yield essentially to his darkest instincts an then having hit rock bottom, maybe come back up. The fascination for me about playing Loki is that in the history of the mythology in the comic books and Scandinavian myths, he’s contantly dancing on this fault line of the dark side and redemption. I don’t know when, but it would be fun to see him see the light again and be recruited to the good side.”

SOURCE: MTV Splash Page