“Call in the AVENGERS” Final Trailer for ANT-MAN is Out!


Okay, that title might have been a little misleading. While the line is uttered in the trailer common sense tells us that this will certainly not be happening in Ant-Man. To hype up the forthcoming release, Marvel have released a final trailer for the big movie about a small hero (okay, I tried).

This trailer was so awesome. It had great action, more Marvel references, some insight into what Pym is like (he doesn’t seem to hold other superheroes in too great a light) and it was great fun. While original publicity for the film seemed to be all over the place the studio’s marketing department seem to have gotten a grip on how this movie should be marketed – as a fun action-adventure, which sounds generic but that’s what it is at the end of the day. It’s also bloody ridiculous, and I think it relishes in that.

There’s something quaint about how such a huge Phase II concludes with a movie about a guy who can shrink; it’s the embodiment of a ‘small’ movie (as small as you can get on a $130m budget) following the monster-sized Age of Ultron. A lot of people didn’t see the point in it, thinking they should just move it to Phase III instead, but now I think more people are excited for the film and we need something quieter after all the major events which have been thrust our way over the past 3 years.

Hey, we just published another Ant-Man article! Looks like we gotta find some other content to cover before we become Unleash The Ant-Man, amirite?

The conclusion of Phase II is out July 17th. If you need me, I’ll be buying the domain for that website.