For around two years, news on Star Wars: The Force Awakens was so scarce that entire fandoms were reportedly driven insane. This year the movie is finally being released, and the past few months have been a non-stop hype train. Spoilers and rumours have leaked continuously, we got an awesome new trailer at Star Wars Celebration and a complete mic-drop at Comic-Con – but the train just keeps on chugging.

Entertainment Weekly has published a big special on the film in their latest issue, which includes a bunch of new pics and interviews with perhaps the most startling revelation being that C-3PO has a red arm.

star wars the force awakens c-3po r2-d2

Admittedly, I did have a little bit of a squealing fit when I saw that photo. Yeah, they were together in the Prequels, but to me those movies never happened.

I am wondering how he came about that arm. The last time we saw C-3PO he was dancin’ it up on Endor all shiny-and-golden, so what happened to make him lose one of ’em? Knowing this guy it isn’t going to be some epic tale of bravery; he probably bumped into a bigger droid and it fell off. Regardless, it’s a cool addition; this new, post-ROTJ galaxy is supposed to be just as beaten, bruised and worn down as it was when the Original Trilogy began. If Threepio lost an arm but still looked brand new then it would feel fake – giving him a completely differently-coloured arm just adds to that whole aesthetic.

But wait – there’s more photos!!

star wars the force awakens chrome trooper

“I am Brienne of Tarth, Your Grace.”

star wars the force awakens finn rey

“To Taco Bell!”

star wars the force awakens finn


star wars the force awakens general hux

“So, THIS is The Phantom Menace?”

star wars the force awakens jj abrams

“And then George started talking about jars or something and I quit.”

star wars the force awakens kylo ren stormtroopers


star wars the force awakens kylo ren

“Mom! Come see how cool I look!”

star wars the force awakens poe dameron

“Oh, shit. I’m supposed to be in Apocalypse makeup by now!”

star wars the force awakens rey bb-8

“Lady, this really ain’t the droid ya lookin’ for.”

I’ll make sure never to become a comedian.

These photos are just so Star Wars-y that I can’t think about whether this movie will suck, because it just seems like such a remote possibility. Every single thing to come out of the producers and creative team has been unbelievably positive, there have been no rumours of trouble on-set, those in the know are saying it’s going to be great and it looks that way. The cinematography and the imagery has the look of the Original Trilogy, but at the same time there’s a new and updated quality to it.

Oh, and the animal in the last photo looks awesome.

Click back to EW for a ton more info, including why J.J. Abrams signed up in the first place! Star Wars: The Force Awakens speeds into theaters December 18th.