It looks like DC/Warner Bros are at it again, but this time they have brought in both Blue Beetle and Booster Gold to their superhero franchise, which is currently in development according to Tracking BoardNot only that but it seems like they will team up both Booster Gold and Blue Beetle in the same film just like they do in the comics which makes me wonder if they will include all of these crazy shenanigans that happens whenever those two are together.

What is getting pitched right now is that it is going to be a superhero buddy cop movie. DC’s movies tend to hold a darker and more realistic tone, so it’ll be interesting to see how this could fit into their wider universe.


Booster Gold and Blue Beetle have what people would call a “Bromance” or a “Bromantic” relationship going on. That’s what you call this dynamic duo that seem to have a close bond but without the sexual relationship involved. Nothing wrong with that, personally, I like having both of them together since they seem to balance each other’s personalities out. I think having these best friends in the film will only make these two characters more lovable to the audience if they are not already. What makes me curious is how well the audience will take to this movie? Will they like the new comedic aspect of it instead of the dramatic one we have all become accustomed to?

Heroic Hollywood has also chimed in, revealing that Warner Bros. are trying to get Zak Penn and his creative genius on board to work on the script for them. Penn also wrote X-Men: Last Stand, The Incredible Hulk, as well as the upcoming (well…) Pacific Rim: Maelstrom. We’ll just have to wait and see if he agrees to help with this film or not.


No word currently on when this film will be released but I can already see the audience possibly shipping these two together. What do you guys think, Booster Beetle anyone?