I didn’t expect to be writing about this today.

The YouTube channel Cinemash is pretty cool and unique in that it mashes together different trailers or movies and turns them into something new. They’ve produced some interesting stuff before: “If Up Was a Horror Movie,” “Cars (Mad Max: Fury Road Style),” you get the idea. However, this latest video is particularly fanboy-centric and something I’m sure you guys are all gonna love. Yup, they’ve combined two of the biggest recent trailers – Batman v Superman and Deadpool!

batman vs deadpool

Well, not necessarily combined – it’s more like a re-cut version of the BVS trailer with the music from Deadpool‘s, but it’s still neat. The properties obviously don’t mesh at all, and as such it feels a little forced because the footage is tonally completely different however it’s edited very well and still an enjoyable watch. Check it out!

This did make me realise that it’s probably the only “fun” thing we’ll see out of the DC Universe for a while. Their movies are more serious and realistic than the competition’s and as such I can’t see them making a film like Deadpool – not that they should. DC’s approach works for most of their characters (if they try to make Flash darn’n’gritty then the fans will have a thing or two to say) and there isn’t anything wrong with that. I’m not really sure if this will inspire Warner Bros to look into adding hip-hop songs to future trailers, though.

Ah, fuck it. I’ll throw in this one too.