THANOS Throne!!! Guardians of the Galaxy Pic Leaked!!!

And one for the Dark Lord on his Dark Throne…

Sorry, didn’t mean to cross the geeks streams, but this picture of Thanos’s floating Space Thrones is most definitely the coolest thing I’ve seen today. With SDCC kicking off in California, we’re destined to land some super sweet Marvel scoops in the coming days, and this Thanos themed pic is the perfect amuse bouche. Taken from director James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Thanos’s throne is powered by a series of gravity discs. Originally, Gunn wanted to slap some sweet retro rockets onto the high chair, but Marve’s head honcho Kevin Feige rejected the notion. This is outer space, after all. Not every character must adhere to the “Junk Space” conventions that characters like Star-Lord cherish so much.

Check it out below:

thanos throne guardians of the galaxy

If you’re paying attention, you’ll notice Ronan the Accuser and Nebula sharing the stage. If Guardians of the Galaxy will, in fact, set the stage for Avengers 3, I hope Ronan and Thor will brawl in the most epic hammer battle of all time. It’s such a perfectly Whedon thing to do!

While I often criticize Whedon (why did he include so many uncharacteristic quips in the first Avengers flick?), I considered his galactic scenes with The Other and Loki as some of the most faithfully adapted shots in any superhero movie. Those few scenes embodied the classic Marvel Cosmic Universe aesthetic that Jack Kirby and his successors crafted. Although, if I’m being completely honest, James Gunn just blew those few Avengers minutes out of the water.

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  • Francisco Moraga Diaz

    what you said about ronan and thor might be a spoiler saying that ronan survives guardians. thank you.

    • Unleash The Fanboy

      Hold that snark. I haven’t seen the flick either, so it’s all hypothetical

      • Francisco Moraga Diaz

        therefore the word “might”

    • Tony

      he says that he hopes that Thor and Ronan brawl it out, pretty sure he hasn’t seen the movie either and just says what he hopes.